About stud farm Renken


The stud consists now of:


  • We build a new shed with the size 25x40 metres with 30 Corton stables (mechanical mucking). Stables are divided into the following dimensions:
    • 6 birth stables with the size 4m. x 4m.
    • 8 stables for the sporthorses with the size 4m. x 3m.
    • 16 stables with the size 3m. x  3m.
  • An Indoor Arena with the size (25m. x 35m.) 
  • Lunging Circle.
  • An Outdoor Arena with the size (27m. x 55m).
  • 2 wash -and groom spots.
  • Tackroom.
  • Veterinarian box.
  • 6 Grouep stables with the size (6m. x 15m.)
  • 11 quarantine stables.
  • Hay and straw storage stud farm.
  • Ventilator (taking care of healthy environment 365 days a year).
  • Canteen.
  • 2 Grass paddocks.
  • 15 acres grassland.
  • A big parking place.




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