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Grand Prix RV

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Halfbrothers -and sisters of the gelding Grand Prix RV:


1999 Mare: Sanne RV (Cavalier), Grand Prix jumping horse with the french rider Hutin Thibault and the German rider Hans Dieter Dreher. Sanne RV won the Big Price CSI*** Ugar with the Swiss rider Alain Jufer.

2000 Mare: Toscane RV (Cavalier), Grand Prix jumping horse with the Irish riderDarragh Kerins, owner Double H Farms. Toscane RV won the Big Price CSI*** Bromont.

2001 Mare: Unique RV (Concorde), Keur mare, 80 points EPTM test with an average of 8,5 points for the jumping parts, 12th place National mare keuring loose jumping.

2002 Stallion: Vince RV (Concorde), International 1.45m jumping horse with amazon Samantha Lam. Vince RV and Samantha Lam participated on the China Games in 2009.

2003 Stallion: Wayne RV (Karandasj), Grand Prix jumping horse with the American rider Jimmy Torano.

2004 Stallion: Zanturo RV (Corland), International young horse 1.30m classes with the Belgium rider Patrick Lutz.

2006 Stallion: Balance RV (alias Balans RV Cardento), International CSI*** 1.40m jumping horse with the German rider Gilbert Böckmann. Won in 2014 the Big Price CSI* Herlufmagle II with the Norwegian amazon Margrethe Vist Hartmann.

2007 Stallion: Champion de Quidam RV (Quidam de Revel), International CSI*** 1.35m jumping horse with the amazon Maureen Bonder.

2008 Stallion: De Flipper RV (Flipper 'd elle), 14th place in the finals by the 6 years old horses on the World Championships in Lanaken with the Belgium rider Steven van Meersche.

2009 Mare: Elite RV (Mr. Blue).

2010 Mare: Fantastique RV (Mr. Blue), provisionally keur mare, reserve champion province Groningen 2013, participated National mare keuring.

2013 Mare: Independence RV (Action Breaker).

2014 Stallion: Just Action RV (Action Breaker).






Grand Prix RV

Vigo 'd arsouilles Nabab de reve Quidam de revel
Melodie en fa
Illico d' arsouilles Fleuri du manoir
Venzin d' arsouilles
Nienke RV (ster, drie keer prestatie) Emilion (preferent) Wellington (keur)
Ramirha (keur, preferent)
Tinka (ster, preferent) Jason

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Details of: Grand Prix RV

Pedigree: Vigo 'd Arssouilles x Emilion x Jason.








1.30 m. classes




17.1 1/2 Hands